We’ve complied a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If  you have other questions, feel free to email us at theshutterknot@gmail.com

Everything’s fine but what do you do?

Good question. We are a team of passionate photographers and cinematographers who specialize in artistic and candid wedding photography and cinematography. We have no airs about us and have kept ourselves totally flexible to meet your needs as we feel that you should be happy when you hire us because good pictures come when you are happy, don’t they? So if you are tired of standard monotonous pictures, boring bride and groom shots, standard lighting for everything and yes the same poses in everyone’s albums you saw, then give us a call and we promise that we will get you pictures that you will love to see again and again for years to come.

Where is your office/studio?

We do not have any office/studio. We love to fly like a free bird and not just sit in the office. You call us and we come there to meet you.

Which cameras/equipments do you use?

We use 5d mark IIIs throughout for candid photography as well as cinematography. Apart from that we use glide cams, cine sliders, fig rigs, go pros, wireless radio triggers, filters, studio lights and of course the best in class lenses such as 16-35 mm f/2.8 USM, 24-70 mm f/2.8 USM, 70-200 mm f/2.8 IS USM, 24 mm f/1.4 USM, 50 mm f/1.4 USM, 35 mm f/1.4 USM, 24-105 f/4L IS USM among others. But an old saying remains true, its the photographer, not the camera.

How much do you charge?

Our rates are totally flexible and depend on your photography requirements. We charge by day basis. However, just to give you some idea, the rates starting at Rs 20 000 (inclusive of premium photo photo albums) vary according to the number of photographers you need, the kind of work you desire, duration of your event and the number of teams required. The cinematography service charges start at Rs 35 000.

At any point, it would be best to give us a call and share your questions as the charges cannot be shared upfront here without us knowing your requirements, the duration of the events, number of guests, lights and of course travel if any. We would be glad to help you.

You can call us at +919619809020.

How much advance do I need to pay and how?

When it comes to payment, we are very particular because we feel that it’s our right to get paid when we have worked so hard. No over demands – right?

50% of the confirmed amount is what we charge when you book us. You can pay us using any mode of payment you are comfortable with. Do remember that the booking is confirmed only once we get the money in our account. The remaining 40% is payable on the day of shoot and balance 10% at the time of delivery.

Please remember that we will start editing your photos and videos only when we have realised 90% payment. Any delivery timeline given to you will therefore get extended if there is a delay in payment.

How do you calculate your work hours?

Our work hours start from the time we reach your venue and end at the time we leave. We do count whatever hours we are asked to wait in between even if we are not shooting. This rule has been made because we want to take each assignment in a dedicated fashion and hence be focused throughout the event. And if we are working, we need to get paid – right?

What is your travel/accommodation policy?

For most of the locations we do not charge for our travel and we generally do the bookings ourselves. This means that any travel from our city to your nearest airport is usually covered by us. All other local travel has to be arranged or borne by you. We also need accommodation if we are staying overnights and that has to be arranged by the client. However, we place no special requests for accommodation and you can host us wherever you are hosting your other guests.

When and how will I receive my wedding photos/videos?

Your final photos/videos would be made available to you by courier/online generally within 8 to 12 of weeks of your event. However, do check on the timeline given to you in your confirmation email as delivery timelines might vary.

After that you would be asked to sort and select your own pictures and send us a list of your approved pictures which you would like to see in the final album if you have opted for it.

Please note: We provide free delivery of the photo and video DVDs and your albums only within Indian territorial limits. Any delivery outside India will be chargeable on actuals.

Your photos and videos can also be delivered online via wetransfer, filemail or other file delivery services. Do check with us in case you prefer an online delivery over DVDs.

How many photographs will I get?

We normally provide about 200-300 edited candid photos per day of shoot. There is no limit from our side on these numbers. The numbers totally depend on the contents of your function and how much we get to shoot. Just to give you some idea, in some weddings we have even delivered 700 edited candid images per 10 hours of shoot.

What is the duration of the wedding film?

We normally provide a wedding film of around 25 – 30 minutes duration. This is the ideal duration of a wedding film however, we can tweak the duration to your requirement so it can be shortened or lengthened as per your wish. As with photographs, there is no limit from our side on these numbers. The numbers totally depend on the contents of your function and how much we get to shoot.

What all products do you normally deliver?

Well, the answer depends on what all services you opt for. However, just to give you some idea, in a package we normally deliver edited candid images in DVDs/online, printed photo albums (default: premium photo albums with 175 gsm matte or glossy finish paper), edited HD cinematic film in dvds/blue ray discs/online (default: DVDs). You can opt for couple shoot videos and pictures, slide shows, online and facebook galleries, timeslice videos, bridal cuts, aerial and underwater shoots, personalised websites and selfie videos among others. The options are literally endless!

Will you help me with my traditional photography and videography requirements?

Of course. Though we specialise in candid photography and wedding films, we do understand that a wedding album can look complete only when you have all the members covered, you have portraits of the bride and groom and all important family members and you have posed shots of all those people who ask for it (our candid photographer will take some traditional shots as well if asked for and generally we do take portraits of the couple and important family members and friends, however for extensive traditional photography needs it is always better to hire a traditional photographer separately). Similarly, the video too needs a complete coverage.

Let us know if you need traditional photography and videography too and we will surely help you with that. Please note that we do not provide only traditional photography and videography but provide them if you hire our candid photography and videography services.

Is there a need for traditional photography and videography?

Well, the answer depends on you. We can never guarantee that all your guests will be covered in our candid images and videos. In these our focus is mainly on the bride and groom and other important family members and friends and that is what we believe candid is all about. Years down the line, you would never want to see candid shots of random guests.

However, if you feel that the elders in the house would want to see each and every guest, the food and absolutely anything and everything related to the wedding then you should hire traditional photographers and videographers too. Just let us know and we will get them along, of course at an extra charge .

What all do you normally cover?

We cover all the functions on the days for which we are hired. Apart from candid shots, we do take some portraits and traditional shots to ensure that even if you are not hiring a traditional photographer and videographer separately, you do not miss out on anything important. Please note that for extensive traditional photography and videography requirements like your wedding reception ( a stage and and extensive posed group shots) you do need a separate traditional team.

In case you have multiple functions happening simultaneously at different venues and you want coverage of all of them then do let us know while making your enquiry so that we can arrange for bigger teams.

Do you bring your own lights and what all information do you need from us?

Candid photography and cinematography is all about pictures and videos in ambient light. Do note that flash and other light sources interfere with the true candid shots. However we do realise that the lighting cannot be perfect everywhere so we get our backups just in case there is a need.

A good product depends on a lot of factors, important ones being:

1.Amount of co-ordination between you and us. The more information you give us, such as your story, what all events will be happening, your plans, number of guests etc. the better your products will be.

2.A point of contact on your function days so that we know who all are important people to shoot and what all to shoot.

3.Your preference in terms of your likings and dis likings. Share with us references (pictures and videos) from all across the web so that we know what all you like. This will help us in designing your shoot.

4.A list of your and your partner’s favourite songs so that we get to understand your music taste in terms of what beats you like. Your edits will then be modelled accordingly.

How big is your team?

Our team consists of 5 members. For every shoot, our team is pre decided and gets fixed as soon as we block the dates for you (upon receiving the advance payment). Each and every member of our team is experienced and has covered more than 50 weddings. We do not outsource any of our work and all our team is derived from these members only. The right to decide the team for your wedding rests solely with us. However, you can rest assured with the quality of work. You will given what we promise.

We believe that wedding photography and wedding films are very personal products and hence right from catering to enquiries, budget finalisation, requirements gathering, shooting or directing the shoots and editing is all personally handled by Viral. This way we prevent corporate culture from creeping into our company. You get absolutely hand crafted photos and videos which you can cherish for life.


Do you only shoot weddings?

95% of the time our answer is yes. However, when we get time from weddings we do shoot corporate films, documentaries, birthday parties, house parties etc. Contact us to find out if we are available.

What is your data policy and how do you accommodate request for changes on your products?

At ShutterKnot, we strive hard to deliver your photos and videos to you as per the agreed timeline. This timeline maybe different for different customers and is communicated to our customers very clearly when they signup for our services.

Once you receive your photos, album designs and videos, you will get 15 days to suggest changes, if any. If we do not receive any changes by this time then we will consider that you are happy with the products (which most of the time you will be :)) and we will close the project from our side. We maintain your raw data and processed data for 8 weeks from the date of delivery of the processed work. Post that, due to space constraints, we flush out our data servers to give space to newer projects.

In case of wedding albums, if we do not receive any request for changes (please note that by default you get 2 sets of changes free of cost) within 15 days then we assume the design to be as per your requirement and hence send it for print. Please note that once the design has been sent for print, no changes can be incorporated. The printing will happen only after the full payment has been realised.

Will ShutterKnot publish my pictures and films online?

All the work we do is copyrighted by ShutterKnot and we reserve the rights to publish it or use it for any type of promotions or any contests we enter into. But we do understand the personal angle of the media we deal in and never ever create a situation where the client’s privacy is at stake.

What is candid photography?

Often in wedding ceremonies, the most beautiful of emotions are the glances exchanged between the couple, the joyous laughs of the friends, the appreciating looks on the guests’ faces, the anxiety on the bride’s face, the tearful eyes of the mother, the brother running the errands and attending to the guests.

These precious moments are best captured without the knowledge of the subject- in its true naturalness.

A skilful candid photographer ensures that these lifetime moments are woven into the wedding tale for these are the truly charming moods you would reflect on for many years to come.

What is documentary wedding photography?

Weddings are the most awaited events in a person’s life. The enormous amount of time, effort and money spent in planning these grand events require that the family savors each and every moment that happens on the day.

Documentary photography is all about weaving the entire day’s sequence of emotions into a real life like story which will serve as your masterpiece forever.

What is fashion style wedding photography?

This style focuses on recreating the glamour of magazines by making the couple pose in the most beautiful of backgrounds, using unique camera lighting and a host of other special effects. These photos are attention grabbing and do full justice to the regal tastes of some couples.

What is traditional wedding photography?

This photography style is best described by the staged formal shots of the bride and groom with all their loved ones. These are pre-planned shots and require lots of direction from the photographer who like a coordinator assists and guides the subjects to pose in their best of postures and expressions for that perfect picture.

What is a photo booth?

This style is essentially about capturing all the thrill and excitement behind the curtains with beautiful yet funny props against which pictures are clicked.

For all those people who feel shy in getting clicked in public, this is the place where you can be free of all inhibitions and get your picture perfect moment captured and treasure it for life.

Photo booths can be set up in a variety of settings like weddings, parties, corporate events providing tremendous opportunities for companies to promote themselves and to people to preserve some special photos.

For this service we send our specially trained photographers and the complete set up right from the photo booth to lights and printers so that you can hand over the photographs to your guests instantly.

What is a facebook showcase?

Sharing and connecting comes naturally to the human race.

With the growing popularity of social networking, Facebook has gained a new relevance in our lives. It acts as a medium to connect and share one’s life’s most precious of moments with one’s dear ones.

Facebook showcase thus acts as a platform for our lovely wedded couples and their families to share their special moments with their friends, kith and kin. It is an artistic collection of all the moments of your most special occasion which you can’t wait to share with your loved ones. Do ask us if you need a facebook showcase for your wedding.

What is a Highlight Reel video?

In a plethora of short video options available in the market, highlight video and trailer are the most popular ones. A highlight video is a collection of the best shots of your wedding put together nicely in a timeline and properly edited to give you a glimpse of your wedding. A trailer on the other hand is a sneak peek into your full wedding film. It has a story line of its own and its purpose is to entice you to watch the full film.

We also give time slice videos, special bridal cuts and selfies. Do let us know which one you would be interested in.

Do I get the raw footage of my wedding?

As a company policy we do not give the raw footages but in certain special cases we do pass on the entire raw footage. Do note that the raw footage will be given only after the processed version has been delivered. You will need to furnish a hard drive and we can then transfer the raw footage to you.

Why shouldn’t I just pick a wedding photographer myself?

Most wedding photographers’ showcase only their best works which they would want you to evaluate them on.

But the quality of a brilliant photographer lies in the ability to deliver great shots consistently. We gauge the skills and talent of our photographer based on their consistency and attitude. We ensure high satisfaction guarantee and quality by making our talented pool of photographers undergo our own quality certification module so that what you get from ShutterKnot’ photographers is a complete package of consistent great photo quality, technical skillfulness, and an amiable personality.

Besides that we provide all your photographs online to you in your own gallery and process them maintaining the highest quality standards while retaining the art in them at the same time and above all we stand for our name which means that you get back up photographers in case something goes wrong and you have the trust of a brand name to hand over your most important day to.

What if I don’t like my photographer assignment?

While zeroing on a particular photographer, we provide each of our parties with a bunch of options for photographers who fit the clients’ needs and specifications.

So, in case one or two photographers don’t fit the client’s mould, we have a basket full of vibrant photographers to choose from.

Will you edit or process the photos?

We exist to create beautiful timeless pictures for our clients. Nothing would make us happier than fulfilling any photographic needs of our customers.

Though all your photographs will be processed at our labs, we would still be more than happy to honor your special photographic needs.

In fact, we take great care in carrying out digital re-touching on a copy of the originals so that your originals remain unaltered.

Do you shoot in HD?


Will you shoot my bridal party or any guests at my reception who want to be on camera?

We would be more than happy to capture and interview any of your guests during the event.

Can you guarantee that I’ll have coverage on my wedding day?

Unlike other photography service providers, our USP is the strong back-up of a talented pool of photographers.

In cases of unforeseen events, we assure you a backup of an equally good photographer who would do full justice to the most important day of your life.

What if I don’t feel comfortable on camera?

All ShutterKnot photographers are adept at capturing the most subtle and priceless moments in a completely unobtrusive manner.

We will capture the different moods and emotions during your events without bothering or influencing anybody, and create a beautiful last-lasting memory.

Once I appoint ShutterKnot, what are the next steps?

Sit back and relax! You have hired the best company for photography and cinematography in India.

As your wedding date approaches, we will connect with you to understand the wedding itinerary, expectations and of course your story in detail so that we can shoot what you want and give to you the best we can.

Why should I pay more to hire a professional instead of a friend with a quality camera?

Professional cinematography is an all encompassing process and goes much beyond the usual filming of shots. Our photographers with skills armory of ability to take artistic candid shots, work under high pressure situations, and conduct interviews during the course of the event will truly get those memories etched in your heart through their skilful work.

How is ShutterKnot different from other photography companies?

Although we do not boast about it, but ShutterKnot can easily be considered as one of the most technologically advanced photography companies in India.

We have in place all the softwares and applications so that our mutual interaction is hassle free.

When you signup with us, you receive secure access to your very own online gallery. Once we are done with the post production of your photographs and videos, you can see all your images and videos there. You can select the ones you want in your album in few clicks and share them very easily with us. What more, you can even drag and drop and rearrange the photographs in the sequence you want in your album. We will pick it up the way you want us to!

We also have a state of the art file transfer management system and a CRM in place. You get access to your very own customer portal in our CRM where you get automated updates on the progress of your work. So no need of tiring calls to your photographer asking about the progress. Our customer portal also gives you the access to raise tickets for any and every issue (when did we see the last ticket ??) so that you need not wait to talk to us. You can submit all the requests and changes online and just sit back and relax. Once in a while, just login to know the progress. Isn’t it amazing?

An artistic bent of mind, eye for photography, strong technological backing and a brilliant customer service puts us in a different league.